About us

Empowering Unity
Igniting Change

Empowerment Beyond Borders: V Unite for Women and Animals

Encapsulates a profound commitment to breaking down barriers
and fostering change on a global scale. The phrase suggests a
vision that transcends physical, cultural, and societal boundaries,
indicating a holistic approach to empowerment that recognizes the
interconnectedness of all beings. By pairing women and animals in
the tagline, the message conveys a deep understanding of the
intertwined nature of their well-being and the belief that
empowering one group ultimately uplifts the other. The use of “V
Unite” reinforces the idea of coming together as a cohesive force,
emphasizing unity in purpose and action.

Empowering Women,
Protecting Animals:
We Unite for a
Better Future

succinctly captures the dual mission of your NGO, emphasizing the interconnectedness of women’s empowerment and animal welfare. The phrase “Together, We Unite for a Better Future” conveys a sense of collective action and collaboration, highlighting the importance of solidarity in achieving positive change. Overall, this tagline effectively communicates your organization’s goals and values in a clear and compelling manner.

key outcomes

What makes us diferent?


V Unite aims to empower women and animals from all backgrounds, including marginalized communities and across borders.

Innovative Programs

We track measurable progress with a research agency to prove we’re making a real impact on our kV Unite may introduce innovative programs and initiatives that go beyond traditional approaches, such as using technology or art to empower women and raise awareness about animal welfare.


V Unite may prioritize collaboration with other NGOs, governments, and businesses to achieve its goals, leveraging diverse perspectives and resources to maximize impact.

Bharat Choudhary

The President of V Unite
Foundation. With a background in journalism, He bring a
wealth of experience and a passion for storytelling to his
role. His belief in the power of journalism to drive
positive change fuels his dedication to the Foundation’s

Vijay Pandit

The Founder and Director of the V Unite Foundation. For more than eight years, He have been dedicated to noble causes such as animal welfare, women’s empowerment, and education, striving to raise awareness and bring about positive change in our society.


Meet our leadership team

Naini Jain

The Vice President of V Unite Foundation.
With a background as a Radio Jockey, She bring a vibrant
energy and a strong voice to our mission. Her passion
for communication drives me to spread awareness
about women’s empowerment in society.

Tanisha Tanwar

As Vice President, She play a pivotal role in shaping our initiatives and driving our mission forward.

Charu Bagga

The Treasurer of V Unite Foundation. Professionally, She an Interior Architect and Designer, channeling creativity into every project She undertake. As the Treasurer of V Unite Foundation, She bring her multifaceted skills and passions to the table.

Shakti Singh Rathore

Smt. Preeti Sharma

The Joint Secretary of V Unite Foundation. Professionally, She is an advocate and proudly hold the position of legal advisor within the Foundation. Her role involves ensuring that our operations align with ethical standards and legal regulations.

Pratham Mishra

The Joint Director of V Unite Foundation. Beyond his professional career as a cricketer, He have a deep passion for technology and a strong dedication to animal welfare.

Mahendra Singh

Social activism is his passion, and he devote himself to spreading awareness and working towards women’s empowerment.

Satish Kumar

The Joint Director of V Unite Foundation. Beyond his professional career as a cricketer, He have a deep passion for technology and a strong dedication to animal welfare.